Music: Mikael Dahl - Lyrics: Mikael Dahl

There's a mountain by the northern sea
High and mighty like an endless tower
A tempting and majestic sight
With a treacherous secret

There's a legend 'bout it's mystery
And it speaks about a tremendous power
A creation of the Gods
And a gate to Heaven

Pre Chorus
At night you see the light that will invite
The fearless to the summit
Climb and you will find yourself behind
The walls of ancient stone

Lost souls in the mountain's grave
Not dead or alive, just forgotten
Trapped in the adventurers' cave
All condemned to languish in darkness,
Silence and madness
Forever paying the price
In the heart of the mountain

In a dream you saw the land of gold,
As the mountain tempted in a vision
Where the angels spread their wings
There's where you'll find your freedom

To the glorious dream your soul was sold
To find the house of God became your mission
So you left your past behind,
And now you're heading for the sky

Pre Chorus
Solo Both, Dahl, Nyberg

By the light at the summit
You are turned to stone

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Heart Of The Mountain Lyrics

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