The machines are raping the machines
The cum drips down the legs of humanity
Slip slide, don't fall
Stabilize, won't crawl
Under muck spittle soil
Within the serpent's coil
Within the serpent's coil
Blindfolded by your own fucking will
Dive into the shit
And swim for a while
Peel the crust from all over your body
And scrape the blood
From your putrid fucking hands
Tragic mourning for chain release
Uncovered plots of lies and deceit
Venomous fangs facade
Vice like tightening
Wrapped up
The nihilist
Positioned to strike
Sleek slithering
Strangulated fear
Choke-hold weakens
Cancer spreading
Detested, sickened minions
Burrow to safety
March with the storm
Whisper supremacy
Conquer the throne of allegiance
In this age of sadism
Dominate until we expose you
Expose you
We've exposed you
For all the sheep to see
Revolt, shepherds have lost grace
Revolt, serpentile race

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Serpent's Coil Lyrics

Cryptopsy – Serpent's Coil Lyrics