After the fire, their bodies at rest,
Beyond mere blood, beyond mere breath:
Their terror summons the vapours of fright,
A mating call to the things of the night

The things they'll become after they die
Have called to us before their time;
The Dark Horse of dreams has brought them here
To this you're-Place that feeds on fear
Where the only light comes from their bones
That glow, now: all their flesh is gone

(A) Voice between rivers
Sings (the) truth that destroys
Then it laughs like a dog

(The) Voice between worlds
Has existence to void
And it dwells in their bones

That which was drawn in sand for me
By the Man of Blood,
Whose hand never ends,
Heralds all mortality
And He-Who-Waits-Beneath-The-Scream

Oh, to be possessed of Carrionshine,
To dream past the limits of carcasskind

The Prayer goes: Unite to thee thy bones-
What appertains to thee is complete
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Carrionshine Lyrics

Cryptopsy – Carrionshine Lyrics