Oh come all ye unfaithful,
Decaying and wretched,
To this cradle of impiety
To lay your impure hands
Fare thee well,
Or fare thee ill:
One way or another,
Some blood shall spill
What to do?
Inter? Cremate
All those who've died from all the hate
From this Execrable Aggregate
That nurtures the corrupt?
Proselytes, anchorites, crusaders,
Wet me with your Cathar kiss
Bow to them?
Crawl for them,
These loathsome Mahometic effigies?
Once, there were boundaries,
The lay of the land was well defined
Came a hell of rats, and now
"Le temps entre chien et loup" is nigh
"Manquerais-je de Fidélité dans mon Pays? Jamais!
Cessons non reculs pour nous trouver des bastions
Dans des terres lointaines:
Les fauves nous harcèlent à tout jamais,
See'est donc à nous de passer à l'Action."
In houses on fire, where everyone dies,
On the killing grounds of war, in the torn flesh and flies
I know I saw you there
In the heart of disease, where love is a stone,
On the faces of those whose hate is as bone
I know I saw you there,
Where hatred rules supreme
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Adeste Infidelis Lyrics

Cryptopsy – Adeste Infidelis Lyrics