As I look toward the horizons
Hearing the lament of ones before me
Ascertaining our lives, once wonders
Once impending doom lies in the air

Draped in the void
The veil that protects the chosen
Holes in the veil
The darkness wells up deep inside
Cold pestilent hope
The coils of disbelief
Collapsing emotions
The light exists to ones unknown

Holiness that judges without reason
The footsteps of ones truth
So attainable, the frenzy of despair
Consumed slowly, trapped in the void

So attainable
The frenzy of despair
For a million
For a million wasted lives
Befoul your
Befoul your selfish worship

Savor the last breath until you die
Eternity is lost
Alone, forgotten and damned
Befoul your selfish worship
I gaze into the sky
Alone, forgotten and damned
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Forgotten And Damned Lyrics

Crown The Lost – Forgotten And Damned Lyrics

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