Ladies and gentleman
This is your captain Bill Williams
I'd like to thank you for
Flying Williamsburg truck lines
If you look to your left
You'll see Cain taking a giant dump
And if you look out to your right
You'll see my little sister fucking
Herself with a stick
(Tammy put that stick down
You dirty whore!)
Mammal sauce that were
Serving on our in-flight meal
Was mixed with my cock
As a swizzle stick
Welcome to the bottom of my pants
(Eat my asshole)
Shitting out a turkey leg in France
(Here's five dollars)
I'm a nasty dirty little slut
(Hey I here 'ya)
Were all bleeding
Here's a bagel
Vagina land
Let me fuck your pussy
Let my fuck that fucking shit
If I had a crowbar
I'd spread your ass open with it
Let me pinch your nipples
Let me smell your sweaty tits
I'll use my geographic tongue
And clean your butt crack out with it
This is Dr. Bronze
Your daughter is being
Expelled from school
They got them titties at Molly Browns
They got that pussy at Molly Browns
Smelling her big titties
Make my monster arise
Her pussys winking at me
Like a wet gooey eye
Vagiflap the reason for Cain
The way that it looks in my eye
Mammal sauce, so pleasantly fresh
My senator's vagina in the sky
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Big Top Williams Lyrics

Crotchduster – Big Top Williams Lyrics