I've seen her walking around the block
With her red short dress and her s*** look
Everywhere she turns around
People stare at her and just can't take off their eyes
Can see on her face, the power that she has
It's in the way that she moves or in the way that she acts
She's like a prisoner inside your head
Once you've looked into those eyes
There's no way to go back

It just gives me a thrill, to have this feel of attraction
I just can't get enough, I'm addicted to love
And I think she's the one tonight

She's a heartbreaker, heartbreaker

I've seen her walking in the street
With her high-heel boots and her s*** lips
Everytime I close my eyes
I can see her in my arms, and we're makin' love



Hey listen baby, you don't need to be so tough
I'll buy ya a couple of drinks, take ya to my place
And everything's gonna be alright...


C'mon baby, I know what you feel inside (and ya know what I need)
So let's get wild, lookout!
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Heartbreaker Lyrics

Crossfire – Heartbreaker Lyrics