Bag lady's complainin'
To the cop on the beat
She says she's got nowhere to go
She got nothin' to eat

Cop says, "Lady, have you considered
A life of crime?
You know you can eat real good
When you're doin' time"

And she has got no galleria
She's got no mall
All she's got is the street to lean on
And the gutter when she falls, yeah

Do you see them gang bangers?
They gonna have a fight
You know they gonna knock somebody's teeth out
Maybe put out somebody's lights

We're gonna have to bust 'em
Put 'em all away in jail
You know it's the nineteenth time this month
Ain't gonna be no bail


Fat lady with the wig on
She's down here buyin' antiques
She says "Can't you control these kids?
They're actin' like a bunch of freaks"

And the kids are givin' her the finger
They re talkin 'bout takin' her purse
And the street keeps gettin' hotter
The traffic keeps gettin' worse


Do you see that politician?
Don't he look sincere
You know he will promise you anything
As long as he's down here

But he's gonna go home to the valley
To his house and lawn
And we will still be here
When he is gone


We got is the street to lean on
And the gutter
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Street To Lean On Lyrics

Crosby, Stills & Nash – Street To Lean On Lyrics

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