Well it's high time you realize
That I must live my life as it surrounds me
I can give you all the room you
Need to be yourself as I am
In the same key
We can live our lives together, yes, and still remain
Ourselves if we believe
And I believe, oh, oh darlin'.

Got to keep and open heart, got to keep an open mind.
Got to keep workin' hard or you get left behind
Got to keep lovin', got to keep givin'.
Got to let nothin' get in the way of livin'.
Gotta keep open.

I've given you my heart, I give my soul
I give you everything I have
Yes, and just as there's a special part of you
That's yours alone
To keep, I'm glad there is so much we can do together
And I believe, oh, oh darlin'.


I was looking for love, I was losing my mind.
I was searching for someone to care.
I was fighting my feelings to turn and to run.
And I looked in your heart.
And I saw there was somebody there.

So I'm sitting on the river in your city
And I'm writing out these words
And I hope that you will listen to my song
Cause it is mine and now it's yours
I'm the master of my fate and the captain of my soul
And I believe
Yes, I believe, oh, oh darlin'.

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(Got To Keep) Open Lyrics

Crosby, Stills & Nash – (Got To Keep) Open Lyrics

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