You wanna smoke to this
You wanna drink to this
You wanna get a blunt smoke and get high to this
You wanna ride to this
You wanna grind to this
You wanna take a couple shots and get crunk to this

Yeah I quit for a little bit, then I took a little hit
Then I took a big hit, now I'm makin this hit!
No I never pay cuz I get it for free, I got respect like that
Dealers listen to me, and my money stack fat
Who realer then me! It's C-are-O-N-I-K
Fort Myers, f-l-a, Lemme introduce you to the place
Where I stay
All we do around here is smoke blunts and get crunk
Aint shit else to do If you was in the same shoes
You would do the same dude, Yeah I get money too
But that's another topic, I'm stickin to the cronik
Who want it cuz I got it, but it aint gon last long
Ya better be high by the end of this song
Cuz by that time all the weed will be gone
So get crunk or get high, bass bumpin thru the ride
Hear me comin down the street
"Cronik got that good weed"


[Verse 2:]
I'm on da grind (on da grind)
Get that money rewind, make it one mo' time
You think I aint shit, I think you lost yo mind
Think you crossed that line, it's simple, basic
Sit back and play this, dance if you want
Get crunk if you want, I don't hate do what you do
Make ya moves and stay true, look
This is that track that you play back to back
Livin life to the fullest, and if you aint yet
Then you soon to regret, I'm not s beezy
But I'll YouTube this, leavin you clueless
If you don't do this, do this, smoke this
Hope this'll get you high, take a shot
Get crunk, bass bumpin thru the ride
Hear me comin down the street
"hey! is that cronik? he got that good weed!"


[Verse 3 (Lil Ak)]
I wanna get high, I wanna smoke!
I got that hydro, I got that kryppie
It's so sticky, who got that shit? Ay!
Cronik do, and pardon me for, fuckin wit' you
Lokust made the beat, me and cronik blazed it
Up, Like when we get a blunt, we blaze the shit up
Walk around lit up, and that's that
Get the weed pass that, gettin cash I make that
See yo stash I take that, I don't know the record
But ima break that, how much can I smoke
We gon see that! A go getta so sicka I can make
Ya hoe shivva when she see what ima give her
She just a dick licker!! So don't worry
I wont get wit her!! Not in a hurry

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You Wanna Lyrics

Cronik – You Wanna Lyrics