In a country where I can decide
Will I be jailed or will I abide?
By these laws which I do not believe apply
With all this freedom I have no voice
With all this freedom I have no choice
With all this freedom that I can't find
Only for one kind
And every day seems so important
And every day seems so necessary
Try to take my freedom away
Always dreaming about what I can't be
And if this country is so free
Then why am I arrested for trying to sleep?
And I know a place that's free
But why must it entail poverty?
So much food to eat
And so many homes to sleep in
Stores so full of food
So why must I eat from a garbage bin?
There's 1600 people walking around today
Thinking life's a little game to play
Try to avoid police abduction
Try to avoid hunger and self destruction
Maybe if you could realize that all you're freedom is based on lies
Maybe there's no lifestyle that I want to keep
If I could just get some sleep...
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Sleep, What's That? Lyrics

Crimpshrine – Sleep, What's That? Lyrics