I look at you walk through the door,
It never has felt like this before
An ocean has pulled you away and begging has never made anyone stay
I look at this room full of shame
And I'm walking around and repeating your name,
I should have kept you in chains,
But you've disappeared in the down pouring rain

Shouldn't my jacket be straight?

Three weeks has gone plus a day,
This hem on my mind is starting to fray
And these blankets just won't keep me warm
And my friend the sun has left with the storm
I'm singing these words again and your body lies over the ocean,
Your body lies over the sea,
Bring back your body to me, to me

Shouldn't my jacket be straight,
At least for the days when you're pulling away,
Shouldn't your arrows be bent,
When they stick in my chest and I can't pull them out,
You just don't know how it feels
To be under your wheels while you're driving away
My head has taken a spin
And you're under my skin and I can't get you out

Shouldn't my jacket be straight?
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Straight Jacket Lyrics

Crash Parallel – Straight Jacket Lyrics