I am your savior and so you'll obey my every manipulation
Search through the pages in total dismay
Hoping to find your salvation
Pray with me and God will set you free

There's nowhere in the Bible it says you have to be poor

See me change before your eyes
Into a fountain full of lies
I seem to have you mesmerized, take my advice
Now I have borrowed to never return
My Army of Faithful, will you ever learn?

There'll be no second coming, it seems that I have lied
Thanks for the cash, I'll see you in hell
Then I'll just let you all die

In my hand I hold a dollar bill
For this is the seed of life
You cannot live and prosper without the seed
And with the seed I will sprout into a tree
And drop leaves of forgiveness upon your soul
I'll be handing the bread basket around
So give me your bread and I'll pray for your sins
And I'll die for your soul
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Ministry Of Lies Lyrics

Coven – Ministry Of Lies Lyrics