There's a question mark in the place of a spark
That used to be an answer
Aiming straight for the heart but you missed the mark and
The arrow turned to cancer

Now you get so high but you still can't fly
And you wonder if you're really where you want to be
'Cause the sun don't rise if you close your eyes
So you're sinking low, so I thought you'd like to know

Like me, you're drowning in a daydream
There's a man who watches over me
'Cause there's a man where I used to be
Mr. Tambourine play one more song for me
'Cause I gotta leave, I lost what I believed...

There's a snake in the tree only hears what he sees
The years go by and you don't know why did you take it all for granted?

Now you get so low that you can't say no
And you wonder if you're really where you want to be
'Cause the tide does rise and it's no surprise
That it washes you away, now you're far from home


Daddy's gonna miss you when you're gone
Heavy gonna kick you when you're wrong
You got the blues and it makes you wonder.
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Drowning In A Daydream Lyrics

Corrosion Of Conformity – Drowning In A Daydream Lyrics

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