Face the crowd, looking through
Helping hands, violence, remember the tombs
It's the fear you see, mind control, shaking legs
Waking up in a hole
Disappearing thoughts, blow away
Let me drown, don't stop the waves
Sick of life, strain, in pain
Lights out, it's all the same

Falling now, your face is down
The sentence calling, change the direction
Fall, the sentence calling, and your direction is low

Forgive me, just take your time
Listen to the sound, it's caught inside
Believe in yourself, it's not a crime
Born to rise, look at the sky
Corruption from the start, you're on the base
Tears, broken bones, in the final case
Subliminal fear, time to bleed
Hope is lost, walk, you're free

Control is near the sky turns red
Yoices getting louder, gathering
But standing alone
Calling for help, the world is listening
Freedom's lost, betrayed by fools
Domination rules, it's like a punishment

Once again, feel the same
Nothing to say, you're in my game
Hypnotic mind, don't realize
Just follow your god, and pay the price
Manipulate your mind and make you blind
Deactivated souls in every time, broken down, feeling shame
A cold feeling, so ingrained
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Subliminal Fear Lyrics

Corporation 187 – Subliminal Fear Lyrics