? is in the party, yes
I do my thing in the harder way
And if you know where we're going
Probably you'll be coming with us
Probably you'll be coming with us

Friday night nice, Saturday shot, edge upon
Sunday winning and winning
Pieces out the
But this I, of course happening
Peep the way I flip thee
The color on this one is like the mother ones
But these colors
You might wanna catch that alligator
Made it go away before they may
Call the spouse like it's free activation
Champions wrap bills in jeans
Since we spend like tennis records,
Andre Agassi tennis shoes and jackets


I take my ? out the bridge of my nose,
The Gucci is cool, but they are not originals
Those are like digital clocks
Mind shuts till grows up
What a loop scooper troopers
And my blaze do and my ?
We hear shouts
Everybody got an eighth day
I get a nice stay, nice waves, wait a minute
Slice gang, chop it up, slop chop, I'm saying
You can't, I'm not dancing,
Acting like they should


The light bulb is in my ?
So stay back, stars flowing
You can catch me and my rode is heavy
? Camels and ? and the sky facing the
Wow, it looks beautiful,
The stars is crazing me me,
And the cool they shoot and like oh my God
No he didn't, give him a babe,
'Cause he keeps speaking
Lines that re so cold
And these men pulling up in the Maybach

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Penny Hardaway Lyrics

Cool Kids – Penny Hardaway Lyrics