In these times of contention
It's not my intention to make things plain
I'm looking through mirrors to catch the reflection that can't be mine
I'm losing control now I'll just have to slow down a thought or two
I can't feel the future and I'm not even sure that there is a past

I believe in the shape of things to come
And I believe I'm not the only one
Yes I believe in
I believe in....

When I poison my system I take thoughts and twist them into shapes
I'm reaching my nadir and I haven't an idea of what to do
I'm painting by numbers but can't find the colors that fill you in
I'm not even knowing if I'm coming or going if to end or begin

I believe in immaculate conception
And I believe in the resurrection
I believe in...
I believe in...

I believe in the elixir of youth and I believe in the absolute truth
Yes I believe in
I believe in

[Repeat: x2]
There is no love in this world anymore...

I've fallen from favor while trying to savor experience
I'm seeing things clearly
But it is quite nearly blown my mind
It's the aim of existence to offer resistance to the flow of time

Everything is and that is why it is will be the line
I believe in perpetual motion
And I believe in perfect devotion

I believe in
I believe in...
I believe in original sin

And I believe what I believe in
Yes I believe in
I believe in

[Repeat: x10]
There is no love in this world anymore
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I Believe Lyrics

Conjure One – I Believe Lyrics


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