The empty seats, the busy streets
Do you see what's happening?
If you sit and listen you could hear them passing through
And at night the stars
Shine down on you
What's that got to do with...

The time I fled from the light
I never said goodbye
And all that's left behind
I knew we said things that were unkind
So before I leave this place
I'll raise my sympathetic glass to our oblivion
As we slowly count em down and fade away...

Things are the same nothing has changed
And this is how we'll be
I really have to go my destiny lies somewhere else
I have nothing to leave you but these memories
Goodbye for now, remember the time...

I never thought the possibility of meeting you would end up like this
I raise my glass to you
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Toast To Oblivion Lyrics

Concrete Sam – Toast To Oblivion Lyrics