Down the road where the black top ends,
You can find Colt Ford with all his friends,
We're used to gravel roads, and fishin' with cane poles,
Wasn't no swimmin' pools, jus swimmin' holes.

We was dirt road poor, and cane switched raised,
I've been came a long way since back in them days,
Been 'round the world twice seen all fifty states,
Ate on thousand dollar china, but love sum paper plates ,
There ain't nuthin wrong with them big city lights, but me,
I prefer them slow country nights, where I can see the darkness come in and go

Most folks is honest, and they all speak slow,
You can leave your door open, ain't nuttin' gunna happen,
Most country folks sing, but I couldn't, so I'm rappin,
I wanna show yall where I come from, and invite y'all all down to any country town

Now before I pack and things and leave,
There's sumthin I need yall to understand,
I seen alotta things in my life time, that's why I walk the line,
I'm just a simple man, and I ain't in the things for cheep thrills,
But all my scars heel, so don't you ever cry for me,
I ain't ashamed where I'm from, you always will come,
Take a ride through the country.

Up, dressed, and gone by five am,
He's country, and he's rappin' we gotta play him,
Folks been waitin' for some one like me,
To give 'em some heart beats and spit that country

My jeans don't sag, they fit, they kinda tight,
Got on a white t-shirt, no nothin' but work.
Daylight til dark, that's how I was bread,
And I'll keep bein' country til the day I'm dead

See, country folks eat biscuits called cat heads,
Bar-b-q, baked beans, sweet tea, and white bread,
We like to fish and hunt, ain't scared of a fight,
Love the Good Lord and believe in doin' right,

Got four-wheel drives, some got mud on 'em,
You can keep your rolls roice, 'cause baby, we don't want 'em!
So now y'all all know exactly who I am,
And if you ain't into that, I don't give a damn!


You might see my on your t.v, but honey, that don't mean a thing,
You see, I'm still that same 'ol country boy, and that's all I'll ever be,
And sometime, those bright lights blind me, and make it hard for me to see,
But when I need to be reminded, I take a ride through the country

At about five o'clock on Friday afternoon,
Them country boys head down to the local saloon,
You welcome to stop in and have a cold bottle,
Big city boys and stuck up super models,
We don't care where ya from, as long as you polite,
'Cause push come to shove and every one of us will fight

We mostly easy like Sunday morning, ol' Colt came here to give y'all fair warnin',
Country folks wont be pushed around, and there's some of us livin' in every town,
We believe in the Bible, and the U.S.A, work hard for what you want, it's the American way,
No body owe you nothin' supposed to earn your keep,
But in a hard days work, get a good nights sleep,

I know some of y'all think Colt's kinda odd,
But I'm loud, proud and country by the grace of God!

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Ride Through The Country Lyrics

Colt Ford – Ride Through The Country Lyrics

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