The sheik's men, they snuck up behind me
And stole the air I planned to breathe
They left me reelin' 'round light headed
I knew that it was time to leave
But I felt much better out in the moonlight, walking my camel home

Last time I came out here at night
Well, let's just say, it was a big mistake
I got drunk and I knocked a tent down
I almost smothered in my own heartache
But it gave me something to think about while walking my camel home

Well, I've got responsibilities
A lot of things I'm supposed to do
But for me the hardest part is to make it look like that's not true
That's how come I were these shades while walking my camel home

I was sitting in my favourite chair
Staring at my favourite floor
When the doorbell ran I said "I'll get it"
The forty thieves were at the door
But it's true, I made some strange connections, walking my camel home
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Walking My Camel Home Lyrics

Colorblind James Experience – Walking My Camel Home Lyrics