Three kids gathered in a huddle
Broomstick fishing pole
Hanging in a puddle
They think they can catch
That big one anywhere
And I ain't gonna tell them boys

There ain't no fish in there
Cause what they don't know
Just might be a blessin'
Don't get 'em second guessin'
Let 'em dream without a doubt

Cause if they don't know it can't be done
They just might do it
If no one can convince 'em
The odds are stacked against 'em
There's no telling how far they can go
On what they don't know

A child bride and a groom not much older
They've got a baby and the world
On their shoulders
Six out of ten don't stand
A chance to last a year

Oh but they're in love
And they can't see that far from here
Cause what they don't know,
Oh what they don't know,
What they don't know
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What They Don't Know Lyrics

Collin Raye – What They Don't Know Lyrics

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