I think I feel like an old beat up two lane
The one that the state's not about to repair
From where I'm falling I think I might meet you
Below where we were just above just don't care
The way the world's changing I just can't accept it

No right or wrong all in between
The faith we were raised on is weathered and shaken
But baby it don't have to be
Cause I still believe in a prayer before supper
Passing the time round the old courthouse square
We've got nothing to keep us from start over Georgia
We'll leave all the baggage and start over there

Well I've never been to that part of the country
Save for some old movies and deep in my mind
Where it's accepted and even rewarded
To stand on your own right side of the line
Nobody wins here we're all scared of losing
I feel scarred right down to the bone
Maybe we'll find ourselves close to the ocean
Where freedom first breathed on it's own
Cause I still believe in a prayer
Oh we've got nothing to keep us
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Start Over Georgia Lyrics

Collin Raye – Start Over Georgia Lyrics

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