Verse 1:
Woke up in the wrong side of her head,
Cause she brought the wrong guy home again.
Another day, another big mistake.
She looks in the mirror all the time.
Staring at a face she never liked.
But all I saw, were perfect flaws.

Prechorus 1:
She couldn't see
She needed me.

The girl nobody wanted for the way she laughed.
The girl nobody wanted for the heart she had.
The girl nobody wanted,
She had me tripping, falling in love at last.

Verse 2:

I remember all the flashing lights,
And the neighbors gathering outside.
Her mother cried, "she cut too deep this time!"
She lied to me and said she was okay.
And I was dumb enough to walk away.
She left a note, and this is what she wrote...

Prechorus 2:
"Can't you see?
You don't need me...



Nights turn into days.
Time, it still escapes.
I am stuck in place,
And numb to everything!

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The Girl Nobody Wanted Lyrics

Cold Forty Three – The Girl Nobody Wanted Lyrics