did you every love me

my everything you were my world

for you i would do almost anything

just to make you happy baby

gave all my heart gave all my time

my faith in you had me so blind

never saw the heart break coming

did you ever really love me

played with my feelings

really should have let me go

did you every really love me

kept me in the darkness

now i am the last to know

did you really love me

i thought she claimed to be my friend

my mind was on another thing

it cut me like a knife so deeply

she knew i was in love with you

don't understand what she could do

what she did was smile her sweet lips

it was bad enough to be deceived by you

but also by your friends

friendship that i thought was true


how could life be so cruel

what you did was so uncool baby

well yo brought me so much pain

you had played me like a game

chorus till fade

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Did You Really Love Me Lyrics

Coco Lee – Did You Really Love Me Lyrics

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