I am captured like a tray in big spider web
Why do you come to my house every night?
You never know you make me mad distingrate me
When you close to me I open my hell
Don't trample me down anymore

You never give me easy life & peaceful death
I cannot say, "Do'nt close to me"
I mind awfully slow I must escape a way from her

I mind what I am supposed to do
Now ride on my jet

Woo~Woo(please get out of here)(hell here on my own)
Divide me your sorrow
Cos I wanna follow
Woo~Woo(please get out of here)(please get out)
It's just begun my story
Make the road to glory
(Can you hear me?)
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Jet Set Lyrics

Coaltar Of The Deepers – Jet Set Lyrics