I come from rock that came from nothing. I come from
Dead to copulate and condescend. So here I scream in
Coincidence, and there you listen without hearing a
Word. Still it took me a year to hear a thing. Have
Patience as the combination waits to form one ounce of
Trust, and your faith the same. I came from dead to
Copulate and condescend. I'll have them all. By law
I am not worth more than they. So I'll spawn a fortune.
I'll spin the web for the last impostor as it prepares
To make it's way. Am I not worth more than he they
Ask. And Darwin gave you the science to use bigotry
And come off scholarly. Every word you spend on rights
Is erased by your simple concept. Every word is
Contradicted by your own teaching. Who is more
Evolved? One man to what? So which is it, who's the
One? Who is the one? You've justified superiority over
Others who live in the flesh. I am nothing of this. I
Take my brother in hand and see through this as anyone
With faith does. I can only die in the flesh. I am
Nothing of this. I come from rock that came from
Nothing. I come from dead to copulate and condescend.
So here I scream in coincidence, and there you listen
Without hearing a word. Have patience.
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Have Patience Lyrics

Coalesce – Have Patience Lyrics

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