This smile will never fade.
Cause one vote is their strength.
Let's build a machine of our own and take it all back.
The power's in our hands I am at my own command.
Why Can't we win votes and smiles like regan of 1986?
With a smile like that you can get away with anything that he did.
Funding contra wars and drug cartels.
Who's walking who.
I could never tell.

Our dreams erased by a material conquest.
Our thoughts bombarded by feeling uselessness.
These streets are our streets.
Reclaim redecorate this cluttered attention demanding campaign blitz.
Eye sores everywhere I look.
Please tell me what I need.
What I need to fear.
Please tell me what products will bring my life a smile.

They build us up to be consumers.
Right from our own schools we are taught to buy.
Let's chose one billboard near our homes each and jam it our way.

Our way.
Our message.
Our vote.
Taking back our public space and visual freedom.
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Shitting In The Face Of This Western Disgrace Lyrics

Closet Monster – Shitting In The Face Of This Western Disgrace Lyrics