Spent My Lifetime Wishing Waitress Would Come 'Roundf C G F* G*Telling Jokes Shootin' Pool On The Other Side Of Townc gwhen The Wistle Blows At Five O'Clockam Emthere's Only One Place I'll Be Foundf cdown At Ernie's Ice House Lifting Long Necksf* G* cto That Good 'Ol Country Sound
chorus: F1. And Talking 'Bout The Good 'Ol Times2. Now I'm Talking 'Bout The Good 'Ol Times3. Talking 'Bout The Good 'Ol Timescbragging On How I Used To Bef cbut I've Worn Out The Same Old Linesf G cand Now It Seems Nothing's News To Me
break: Repeat intro
C G Am Emthere's Nothing Like A Steel Guitar Crying In The Nightf C G F* G*Nothing Like A Sawdust Floor And A Good 'Ol Friendly Fightc G Am Emi'd Finally Find My Way Back Home And You'd Patch Up My Facef G cbut That Was Another Time And Another Place
Repeat chorus
F G C fi Wonder How I Came To Be The Know It All I Amf G C N. C. And How The World Ever Got Used To Me
Repeat chorus
outro: C G Am Em F G C^ ^ ^Rest For 3 beats In These Spots
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Nothing News Lyrics

Clint Black – Nothing News Lyrics