You will know when love has come
For all the world will smile for you
And more than anything you'll try
To keep this love so true.

You will know the feeling well
She's everything your dreams are made
But in so doing she may turn
For dreams are not to fade.

Then you're confused
Your world is turning - all way round
And so you lose
Your life is all - so upside down.

You may know such times as these
When others seem more fortunate
It's the way of love you know
The chance you have to take.

You try so hard to win the girl
You want to stay
Then all in one night rush around
She turns away.

It may take a long long time
To understand even explain
And there's no consolation in
That time will leave the pain.
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The Way Of Love Lyrics

Clifford T. Ward – The Way Of Love Lyrics