Some silly scenes respectively, observed in many parts
Him talking to another, making deals about his heart
Rejecting this, rejecting that, rejecting till it's clear
That all he wants is payment for his work throughout the

A promise is a promise is a promise to be kept
The weasel was the culprit, and he wants that weasel dead
He took him to his house amongst the mud, and out the
He took him to a cupboard there and handed him the sack.

The sack contained the weasel, but it wasn't really dead
There was a lot of blood though, slowly oozing from it's
The sack was matted heavily and caked with thick dried
Resembling dark chocolate as it mingled with the mud.

He took it to a forest where he laid it on a stone
And smashed it with a hammer, till he heard the crack of
Then wiping from his face the sweat and greasy yellow
He threw the sack into a pit and left it there to rot.
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The Sack Lyrics

Click Click – The Sack Lyrics

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