Parody of "It's A Great Day To Be Alive" by Travis Tritt (Darrell Scott)
New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd/Chris "P. Cream" Clark/Rich Fagan/Daringardner

I got my socks dryin in the microwave
Hair on my back I don't plan to shave
I got the house to myself while the wife's away
I'll be rockin all night
Yeah I think I'll drink me an ice cold brew
Lounge in my boxers like I used to do
There'll be no Ally Mcbeal on the tube
No... I'll be watchin the fight

Well it's a great day to be a guy
Playin cards my buddies until sunrise
You know I never thought that my neighbor would
Be sunbathing topless Lord she sure looks good

I caught a ten pound bass out on the lake
Played 18 holes with my best friend Jake
Best balls I hit was when I stepped on a rake
(oh God)
Oh it wuddn't too bright
(Gee whiz)
Now I look in the fridge what do I see?
Last night's pizza starin back at me
Pepperoni and anchovies
What a beautiful sight

Well it's a great day to be a guy
Buck naked in my lawn chair swattin at flies
Got some hot dogs on the charcoal grill
Don't want to burn my wieners but I probably will

That fried baloney
And cheese macaroni
Tasted good this afternoon
But now I'm passin
Some serious gas an
I might have to leave the room

P uuuuuuuuuuuuu

Well I might go get me a new hairdo
Spend a couple hours at a tanning booth
Might even get me a gold front tooth

(muffled as if a patient in a dentist chair)
Oh yeah yeah

And it's a great day to be a guy
But when my wife gets home she's gonna tan my hide
I'll be hung over but a-lookin good
From a week of reliving my bachelorhood

It's a great day to be a guy
But another week of this and I'll probably die
Tend to party harder than I should
When my wifes not here to make me be good

Yay whooo
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It's A Great Day To Be A Guy Lyrics

Cledus T. Judd – It's A Great Day To Be A Guy Lyrics

Songwriters: DARRELL SCOTT
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