When you left, i told myself
I wouldn´t let you haunt my mind
I´d be strong, i´d carry on
An?leave the past behind
I´d just forget we ever met
An?find somebody new
An?now i want you to know
I´m almost over you

The only time i ever miss you, honey
Is when i´m alone or when i´m with somebody
Your memory never even gets to me
´cept when i´m awake, an?when i´m sleeping
Girl you never even cross my mind
´cept just when i think i left you far behind
Only when i laugh, only when i cry
An?only on days that end in "why"

Now i´ll admit, you´re hard to quit
I been goin?through a bad withdrawal
But you can bet i had to let
You walk before i´d crawl
I got my pride, wrong or right
I´m gonna stand my ground
An?i ain´t gonna let
Your memory get me down

When you walked out, i was just about
To break down an?beg you not to go
But if you want to come home,
I think it´s only fair that you should know

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Only On Days That End In Y Lyrics

Clay Walker – Only On Days That End In Y Lyrics

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