Some folks always get the rough ride
Seem they end up on the wrong side
Constant battle just to survive on any given day

Watched a mother on my TV
Hungry children that she can't feed
Still I've got everything that I need
And that just don't seem right
That I sleep safe tonight

There's gotta be some rhyme or reason why
We turn away and we close our eyes
Wish I could find some way that we could justify all of this suffering
There but for the grace of God go I

Everyday it makes the headlines
Someone struggling for their lives
Feels like I'm watching from the sidelines
When nothing ever changed
Just the truth got rearranged


Sometimes it's hard to believe
In a truth that we can't even see
But faith holds the hope for the world
And I know, I know


When I'm thinking it's a bad day
Feels like nothings going my way
I pass a wreck out on the freeway
And I pray that they survived
There but for the grace of God go I.
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Grace Of God Lyrics

Clay Aiken – Grace Of God Lyrics

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