You're my little baby,
There's nothing to be scared of,
I promise you'll be safe right here with me,

You don't have to cry now,
Just keep a little secret,
You'll never know where daddy hides the keys.

Just do what I tell you
If you don't try to fight it
Then I promise you that it won't hurt.

You know you can trust me,
So move a little closer
And let me put my hand under your skirt.

This house is not a happy home [4x]

I just wanna touch you
Sneak on down beside you
And feel the softness of your perfect skin.

Don't feel bad about it,
I promise you it's normal,
'Cause loving you could never be a sin.

Don't you talk about it
'Cause no one will beleive you,
They'll say it's just one of your bad dreams.

And mummy isn't home now,
There is noone to disturb us,
So nobody will know where daddy's been

This house is not a happy home [8x]
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Little Baby Lyrics

Clawfinger – Little Baby Lyrics