I can see you got a lot on your mind so do I
We're both do working hard and the pressure is over time
So what are we gonna do
You know we need to do something aha
I see these pictures perfect dream starting you and me,
Make this... Escape to a place we're never seen
How does this sound to you
Is something you wanna do, tell me, oh yeah.

How can... To be your fantasy
You... Your prince charming
If that's what you want baby
Then just say the word babe
And imagine me.

Imagine me, imagine you,
Out of... I'm in the mood
We can... Forever
And baby whenever come back here.
We... Be here
Imagine you, imagine me
Spend the world... You'll see
Baby let's go girl, go girl, go girl
We can go girl, go girl, go
We can go.

I hope that you... Like I trust you at the keys
And my castle in the sky
I hope you're ready to fly
We need to go higher then we have a... Before
Ohh you can.
Let's create a... Space
Somewhere in other space
Imagine... Everything to another galaxy
Imagine you and me, just imagine you and me
'Cause baby I'm still.


... Better time no runaway with you
Opportunities like... Now, let's go
Imagine the step inside follow you in the sky
... And I swear I see you
I swear I see you
And I swear I see you uhhh
Imagine me baby

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Imagine Me Lyrics

Claude – Imagine Me Lyrics