Here in the Criminal Justice Act it says it's illegal to even react by marching against the sudden new lack of freedom of movement, assembly, and that goes for everyone because now we're all dispossessed. Little joy in the illusion that they can't mess up our heads. As we're taking life as being a reward, we're constantly told that we can't afford to live it, not the way we do, cause now we're breaking the law. Is it me or is it you who thought we could live without heeding it? Now the boundaries have all shrunk to fit to lifestyles. Based on total social complicity to work ethic, media, domesticity. Staying silent in response to freedoms being so curtailed we forget we need them to exist. Variety breeds tension. Then people debate what never mentioned before: ideas deal with feelings and laws try to shape the ideas that we deal in. At the point where the ideas have spread enough distance to call it a lifestyle, we start to meet the resistance. Here in the Criminal Justice Act all our paranoia has turned out to be fact! They really ARE out to get you, so party on, dude! Now we've all been criminalised for refusing to be led. They can't control our movements-they can't close down our heads. And if you start to think they can, they've won another round towards completion of their plan to keep the people down. The more we get pushed the more we push back. Destroy the Criminal Justice Act!

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Criminal Lyrics

Citizen Fish – Criminal Lyrics

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