Lost in a haunting thought.
Spinning me around once more.
I wake just to feel the way.
As the daylight comes around I turn.

With my eyes on the back door.
Your face is light and cocaine white.
One message beating through.
Smoke's filled the air and I'm struggling to breath.

Let them be calm so I can finally sleep.
Everything you intended to say,
Don't go back on your words.
You always said you'd tell me first.

Verse after ending endless verse.
I can't escape the echoed words.
I long to find the cure for the feeling
I find in these chords.

I smile as it burns.
I've been erased from the picture.
Excuse, oh no anything goes.
Excuses, you know it doesn't work.

Excuses don't work.
Excuse me this will calls out desperate.
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We're All Thieves Lyrics

Circa Survive – We're All Thieves Lyrics