Baby, aint nothin to it(no baby no, no)
Baby we can do it(yea yea that's fasho')
Baby it's my first time. So baby it's yours.
I'ma give it to ya, my love(yea yea that's fasho)
[Verse one]
You say you need it. Isay it aint appeassing
You in my room talking about ooo boy you teasin'
Now this could lessly make me feel uncomfortable.
Baby let me, don't act like you aint touchable.
Baby don't touch me there is what I say
But I'ma let ya know that Idon't feel that way(no, no)/chorus/
[Verse two]
You got me hot. Touchin' my spot. Ooo boy don't stop.
Hard as a rock. And what you want baby I got.
So you say you aint gon' hit and quit and quit it beleve
Me boy I'm wit it. So baby if ya want it come get it
Fasho' boy you know I aint no hoe
Boy give it to me good and hood. 'cause it's my first time
First time
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Do It Lyrics

Ciara – Do It Lyrics

Songwriters: WALTER MURPHY

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