He had a room in the best part of town
He got a chocolate on his eiderdown
Staring out over roofs at the cross
Suppose he must have felt somewhat at loss
This is it, oh, this is it
This is it, oh baby, this is it
You couldn't say he was feeling very vibed
What had the quack in London prescribed
You couldn't really say he seemed to care
Sometimes he acted like he wasn't anywhere
This is it, oh baby, this is it
This it it, oh, this is it
Watching films before it start to crash
Even though you've got a fistful of cash
Watching the future it bursts on through
I was one of those who used to envy you
I knew a wise man didn't know a thing
I knew a happy man who made me feel sad
You never know what the other guy is thinking, too bad
Sometimes you come upon a fork in the road
What was waiting there he never could have known
Split-second difference, one tiny percent
Yeah, he came and he went
This is it, oh baby, this is it
This is it, oh, this is it
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This Is It Lyrics

Church – This Is It Lyrics

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