When I was young I grew up in a Christian family
I wanted to please my parents
I wanted them to be so proud of me
So I took their faith and I learned their religion
And I went to a church where everyone was a Christian
I strayed far, but I'm fine

Then I went away to school and I found new friends
I wanted to please them too, to be liked by them
And if they didn't need God, then neither did I
And I got to be so busy, that He pretty much slipped my mind

Well I've been out of school and I'm finally alone
No one to telll me what to do, but no beliefs to call my own
But in my moments of loneliness, in my desperate independence
I wondered if there was a God and if He cared where I'd been

I strayed far but I think I've missed You, God, all this time

And when I'd run, till I'd run out
When being broken made me look a second time
Well now I can see, I can see clearly
That You've been with me all this time

I strayed far, but You've been with me, God, all
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Strayed Lyrics

Church Of Rhythm – Strayed Lyrics