26: Straight
from the strip jane, to the finch moving, heavy straight on the hips/ Dudes
wanna talk but aint got lips that's, what it is when they just aint shit/ Rolling
always 30 deep guns, always under my seat/ Still
dropping these rhymes on beats police, still be just watchin me/ Its
crazy but, still I be on, these streets banging n grinding daily/ Asians
bloods, and crips is who I'm with so you may find it scary/ Straight
up for that paper chin on, these blocks just hustling/ Don't
give a f k**what anyone says we ride on any men/ One
love to the kats that in my town toronto, boom don't f k**around/ Lets
make that money f, k**some honeys show, them foo's how we get down/ Bitchs
love that gangsta s t**wanksta's, love that gangsta shit/ All
these mutha fuckas talk but really they aint living it/ We
show em how we do it cuz this hood they can't come through it/ Everybody
wanna be hard until they taste em bullets/ Aint
no need for us to front no, bling no, need to stunt/ Cuz
we got everything locked so just tell us what you want/ Hook

is how we roll This
is how we living chin (repeat)

45: Come
ride with a chin let, me show you the ropes here, in the hood where dey slangin em coke/ Down
in the south where the blood towns at up, in the north where the crips lay back/ Finch
town we move it silent deres no need to start no riots/ But
if somethings going down then you know we gettin violent/ Whasup
with the doods that, just pass through acting, like they really know/ What
this hood s s***about when really they just soft like baby food/ Twenty
years up in the t dot o jane, and finch original/ Been
through so much drama n I aint talkin about soap opera shows/ Don't
play me cuz, just maybe nowadays, I don't start nothing/ I'm
on tv doing, greezey but, these pussies still push buttons/ And
I guess that's the way that pussies move talk, dey s t**but they never do/ Talk
about how they gangstas to but, never seen what I been through/ Dey
call me chuckie ay that little chin that packs a bite/ Cuz
two shots to the knees will leave you at my same height/ But
the police start bringing heat so now I'm forced to do just rap/ Just
keep it moving really quiet what you know about that Hook?

is how we roll This
is how we living chin (repeat)
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How We Living Chin Lyrics

Chuckie Akenz – How We Living Chin Lyrics