It's been a long way since started
A long way back from home
Only God knows what's the reason
Dreams will come true

Rage out for the nightlife
The question runs so deep
Where we go to, where we come from
Where we belong

Take your life in your own hands,
Relieve me you will get your chance
Don't waste no time, don't turn around
And you white your life by your own hand

Gods on the run
Gods on the run
Gods on the run
Gods on the run

In another city
You'll never know the name
But it's way up my direction
Can't even count the days

Ride on, ride on
You close all in your heart
And the moments and the faces
Will never part

Take your life...

Gods on the run...

Lead me to your wisdom
Show me all you know
Tears filled with sorrow
I wipe them all away

Just like
Gods on the run
Tonight it all comes true
Let the things pass cure in time
And resign on to your doom
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Gods On The Run Lyrics

Chroming Rose – Gods On The Run Lyrics