Fly, blackbird, fly
Frozen the sea I see you
Old cover clouds new snow
There they go
Silent but wings
Sun orange small I see you
Nowhere is home, go alone and alone
Fly, angel, fly
Older than me I feel you
Coal covered clouds white snow
There you go
Heard myself call
Far from them all I feel you
Left them behind or ahead and he said
Sooner or later you get up off the floor
When no one wants to hear it anymore
Someday soon you're gonna get up off the floor
'Cause no one wants to hear that shit, no
Cry blackbird cry
Over the waves I hear you
Coal covered clouds, white snow
There they go
Ice on your wings songless
He sings, I hear you
Nowhere is home go alone
There's a phone
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S.O.S Lyrics

Chroma Key – S.O.S Lyrics