Moonlight over the alley
Baby where I come from
There's a poison girl, a poison girl
Sister do medicine business

Three dollar down for the gun
She's a poison girl, poison girl
I be waiting uptown
While she gone underground for a ride

I be waiting uptown
While she passes some trick on the side
Well I'm sitting here burning my money
Worth nothing if only to score

With some poison girl, poison girl
There's a place an' I know
Anybody can go for a price
There's a place an' I know

You be putting your soul up on ice
Well now mama sad son what's your hurry?
Mama don't know what I done
For the poison girl, poison girl
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Poison Girl Lyrics

Chris Whitley – Poison Girl Lyrics

Songwriters: CHRIS WHITLEY
Poison Girl lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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