C. Seefried

I would gladly confess
To this beauitful mess
But I'm feelin' much less than I should

I would undo this harm
With a snake or a charm
If I thought it could do any good

Somethings are bad and somethings are worse
Than what you saw or what you see
We all need protection from the place
We don't want to be

I should tell you goodbye
Or atleast try to try
Instead of running to hide from it all

Then things would all be O. K.
We could both walk away
And we'd get what we want
What we deserve

I will gladly confess
To this beautiful mess
That I"m feelin' much less than I should

I will undo this harm
With an uncertain charm
Cause I know it's gotta do some good
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Beautiful Mess Lyrics

Chris Seefried – Beautiful Mess Lyrics