I'm so worn out
I need silence and a soft spot
A deep breath and a reset button
I need to reconnect with you
So let's turn down the lights
And just sit here a while
I need to see if I can still make you smile
I want you to know
That you're still everything I need

I'm happy just to be here with you
Just to hold your hand
Just to see you smile
When I tell you that
I'm happy just to be here with you
Even for a short time
Just until the next time
We steal a moment

I love your hair
I love the way you smell
Your mouth tastes like bubblegum
And you sweat
''cause it means so much to you
Let's make a promise
To each other tonight
That we'll get our priorities right

I'm happy just to be here with you...

Do you love me?
Do you need me?
Am I the one that you still dream about?
That you can't live without?

I still love you
I still need you
''cause through it all you're still the one I can't imagine life without the love I built my world around

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Steal A Moment Lyrics

Chris Hawkey – Steal A Moment Lyrics