It feels like Jesus on the cross
It's so religious in it's loss
A graven image in the mud
Like when I shed my precious blood.

[Chorus: ]
I am a loser
I am Satan
I am Jesus Christ
I'm me.
[Repeat: 2X]
There are no winners in this fucked reality.

Atrophic interludes weave through my life, far too often
For me to fight the biggest enemies
I have no feelings, like love or pain, it makes me go insane
When I see what's happening to me, I say:

[Chorus: ]

There are no idols, no heroes, in a world of death
It's all a joke and so are you
And so am I
Think just look and see

[Repeat: 4x]
It's a fucked reality.
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Fucked Reality Lyrics

Choking Victim – Fucked Reality Lyrics