Until this big revue
I thought I'd figured out
No release from the pressure
Growing strong

Confirmation from outside is a luxury
But without I have to dig for the reasons
Found to live inject my life with meaning
Suffering from pains

I needed a cure placed my attention
In what could make a difference
In my life all I wished for before
Was a reason to go on

Found in a tune hollow existence
A grim prospect secured a distance
And without I'm nothing
Sometimes I picture a life

A picture I can't have denied
It with this therapy
I use to define identity
What's lost in me

To where I realize has how been refined
Security's no option
Invested all I had against recourse
Accepted rejection by decisions

To ignore average life
I was always so sure
That the answer lay beyond the prescribed path
Refused admission to my escape

Provided the stage
I need to realize/confirmed in my eyes
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Lifeline Lyrics

Choke – Lifeline Lyrics

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