Nobody takes their cases to court
Not ever if there are adequate grounds for suspicion
O.k., well I'll make it short
They take their grade in their jobs by our kind permission

Money rules everything and nothing else
Everybody wants that coulored paper doesn't matter
Which means to get it sooner or later

Listen, I'll make a long story short
It's hard to accuse the big shots of a crime
Maybe they are the owner of the court of law
And soon they turn the table around and charge you with a crime


But who knows, what money makes
Makes out of me, makes out of me
Maybe I'll get it sooner, sooner or later
We will see

They lead the life of riley, that's a matter of fact
It's nearly impossible, that they will be caught in the act
They enjoy getting on the crazy train
And they move in the world with blood and pain

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Money Rules Everything Lyrics

Chinchilla – Money Rules Everything Lyrics