I'm Riding High
I'm Riding High

Well I got on a plane to San Antoine
Headed for places unknown
I Took off from the ground about a 1000 miles an hour
Headed for the outer zone
When we got up about a mile or two
Things were getting a lot clearer
Looked back home at the planet earth
It sure looked nice from here

I'm Riding High (Riding)
I'm Riding High (Riding High)

I looked at the clock, it was half past noon
And we were watching the sun go down
There was a silver glow on the rim of the earth
And then the night had come
On this side of the planet everybody is asleep
While I keep a watch from above
Electric lights will keep us from the night
And even while she must move

I'm Riding High (High Yaa ahh)
I'm Riding High (Riding High, Riding High)

Being in space as you can imagine
Is a lonely road to ride
But it's really neat
You can see anything if high enough
Riding the highway
When you get down to your old hometown
You got a hell of a point of view

I'm Riding High
I'm Riding High (Riding High)

I'm Riding High
I'm Riding High

I'm Riding High
I'm Riding High
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Riding High Lyrics

Chilliwack – Riding High Lyrics

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